See my vest

Woke at 10
a.m. Morning routine. Called and woke Arill and made him hurry up and come get

Just past
noon Arill, his out of town friend and I went down to the tailor market. I had
some things I needed to fix and a coat I had to make for a demanding person in
Norway. I was worried that lunch time on a Sunday would be terribly busy at the
market, but it turned out that even tourists have lunch around that time. The
shop was mostly empty and I had time to shoot the breeze with the tailors.
Ended up getting another pair of linen trousers and a linen blazer made. As I
was about to leave I discovered a phenomenal vest in Chinese silk that I simply
had to get two of. Brilliant! I will return next week to collect things, which presumably
will be the last time I go there. Just as well, as the two girls who speak
English are leaving for alternative career paths.Blog Image

Returned to
Linping around 2 p.m. had myself some lunch and sat down to work. Continued
reading the NSEC-thesis and made comments as I went along. It took forever. Was
hoping to get it done in a few hours, but before I knew it, it was growing dark
outside. I finished around 6 p.m. and decided that I had done enough for today.

At 8.30,
Arill, his friend and Frode showed up at my door. I had invited them all here
for the screening of what I had great hopes would be an amusing film; Zombie
Strippers. We had pizza and beer and sat down to watch the movie. OMG! So bad!
So, so, so, so bad! In the beginning it was amusingly bad, but after a while we
stopped laughing and just shook our heads in disbelief. To lighten the mood, I
screened some Pixar shorts after the main feature. Suddenly all was well in the
world again.

I booted
the boys out the door just before midnight. I was exhausted. Went to bed, but couldn’t
get to sleep. Don’t know if it was the heat or the thought of those Zombies
that kept me awake, but awake I was. Lay twisting and turning in bed for
probably over an hour before finally drifting off.