The Fuzz

Woke at
7.30 a.m. Morning routine.

Astrid and
I went down to Starbucks to meet Ouafa and to write out the opposition for
NSEC. We had all made comments, so we went through them and collected everything
in one document. Astrid had a previous engagement and left us around 10.30 a.m.
Ouafa and I finished the document and started looking over the presentation I
made yesterday. We made some adjustments and finished it.

At 1 p.m.
Astrid had returned and she and I went to get some food. Picked up some
take-away from Kowloon Ice-house and returned to the apartment.

I sat at my
desk, eating in front of the computer. Had a short break before diving into the
opposition that we had received on our thesis from the Swedes. They had been
extremely thorough and came with several good suggestions.

As I sat at
my desk I watched the sky grow darker and heard the rumbling sound of thunder.
Around 6 p.m. the sky had really opened up and was throwing everything it had
at the city. Heavy thunderstorms with impressive lightning and heavy rain. It
was a little eerie actually. I was most concerned about what would happen if
the power went out. Even had a candle lit on my desk just in case.

So when the
doorbell rang around 7 p.m. I ran to the door expecting it to be someone who
came to check that everything was alright here and that I still had
electricity. I was distressed to see that it was three uniformed police and
they did not look happy. They demanded to see my passport and started examining
it thoroughly. They made a big fuss when they saw that I had been in and out of
the country a few times without registering at the local police station. I told
them that I did not realize that I had to do that and that I would be leaving
the country for good in less than three weeks. They did not care and asked to
see the pink slip that I received when I first registered back in august. On
this, they discovered that I had not updated my registration after I got a new
visa. Apparently I was supposed to know that I needed to do that too. They
completely forgot about the failing to register on in and out trips and instead
told me that I had to get down to the police station as soon as possible to
update my visa number. I got the distinct impression that they were just
looking for something to get me on. Of course, I said I would take care of it
and so they left. I was left puzzled and holding a big envelope with the print:
Welcome to Shanghai! And contained maps and various information about how to
register as an alien.

At 8 p.m. I
went out the door to get some food. Downstairs in the entrance to the building,
I was met by no less than six police officers asking me my business. I
explained to them that I had already talked to their colleagues and was only
going out to get some dinner. Surprisingly, this was satisfactory for them and
they let me go. Can’t help to wonder about the thinking behind these check-ups.
They seem random and misplaced.

Outside it
was still raining, but because of the heat, I was dry almost as soon as I set
foot inside the mall. Ordered some food from Ajisens’ new menu and did a little
grocery shopping while I waited. I was pleased to see that the police had left
the building before I returned.

Watched Detonator II with dinner. Another really
bad movie, but it took my mind off things and made me very drowsy.

In bed at
11 p.m. Did not have to wait long before drifting off to slumber land.