supervision session

Woke at 8
a.m. Morning routine.

As we had
our last session with our supervisor today, we had decided not to meet up in
the morning, but rather take it from whatever happens at the meeting. So,
before leaving the house, I sat for a while catching up on some newspapers and
crushing some puny Aztec civilization with my vastly superior army. Had some
lunch and wrote a little on the executive summary before heading off to meet
the supervisor at 4 p.m.

It turned
out to be a rather positive meeting. Our supervisor was far less negative than
she was last time and even commended some of the work we had done. Clearly, we
still had some work to do, but she felt we were on the right path, if only we
could tighten it a bit. She gave us a long list of suggestions and a printed
out version with detailed commentary. In addition to the feedback we got from
the Swedish group, we have many good suggestions and ideas we need to look
closer at.

Astrid and
I were back in the apartment at 6 p.m. At 7 p.m. we left once more for spinning
class. We didn’t really want to go today, but we did anyway – hoping that we’d
feel better after the class. As it turned out I felt terrible after the class. I
was utterly exhausted, probably even more so than the first time. I am glad
there is a short walk from the gym to our apartment as it helps me regain
control of myself.

I watched
an episode of Boston Legal (great, great show by the way) and went to bed at 11