D-Day + 1

Woke once
more at 7.30 a.m. and did what I do everyday. Had a long shower, ate a bowl of
Cheerios, watched an episode of something amusing and checked out the

At 9 a.m. I
crossed over to Bettinas’ for what I hoped would be the last time. I continued
reading from where we had left off last night. At noon, we had finished the
read through and were satisfied with the result. Spent a couple of hours going
through all our sources, writing acknowledgements and generally finalizing

At 2.30
p.m. we were finished. Felt kind of strange. We headed out the door and
downtown to have it printed. We had heard stories from the other groups of long,
24 hour, waits, but the nice man at Copy General assured us that we would have
it ready in half an hour. Of course, we didn’t believe him, but said OK.

At 3.30
p.m. we sat down outside at Element Fresh for lunch in the sun. Before we had
received our food, the copy man called and said that everything was now ready
for pick-up. I was impressed, but still dubious. We ate our lunch and went down
to see if everything was as it should be with the thesis. Impressively, it was.
Six copies, printed and bound, for 400rmb.

with ourselves, Ouafa and I returned to Linping. I picked up my computer from
Bettinas’ place and went back to my own apartment. Here I sat down on the
veranda for a while, trying to let all the stress and bad feelings out of my
body and replace it with a sense of completion. I sent off the paper by email
and felt pretty good about it.

At 7.30
p.m. Frode and I took a taxi to Super Brand Mall to meet the rest of the guys
at Hooters. As it turned out, only two more showed up. Marcus, Jonathan, Frode
and I had a great time anyway. We faked Jonathan’s birthday and got a hooters
song and a balloon. At 9.30 p.m. we left the restaurant for Barbarossa. The
ladies had all gathered here for ladies-night. It was good fun actually. Been a
while since last everyone had gone out together. When I say everyone, I say it
very loosely. I guess 2/3 of the class was there.

Around 1
a.m. we left Barbarossa for Shanghai trendy hot spot; Bar Rouge. The only
reason for coming here, in my opinion, is the fantastic outside area on a Bund
roof-top with unparalleled views of the city.

At 3 a.m.,
the bar closed and we left. Silje and I shared a taxi back to Linping. I was in
bed just before 4 a.m. Completely exhausted, I was asleep before my head hit my