I woke at 9 a.m. Not particularly pleased
about it, but I was wide awake and figured I might as well get up. Extended my
morning routine because I could. I had nothing planned for today other than recuperation
after a long hard three months; well at least the last week.

I felt really tired, and for the first time
in China, I decided to take a nap in the middle of the day. Of course, I didn’t
fall asleep, but I did regain some strength.

Went out around 2 p.m. to find some food
and bumped into Kristoffer and Sandra who were on their way to the university
to hand in their paper. Fortunately for me, I had dependable Ouafa to take care
of those things for me.

Had lunch in the apartment together with
Silje and Kristin while watching Horton hears a Who. A lovely movie.

Sat around the apartment for a while. Started
looking through some things and packing them up.

Went out around 6 p.m. to the video store
and gave back all the empty covers I had accumulated over a year. I figured I
ought to be at least a little environmentally conscious and recycle them.
Additionally, I picked up some DVD’s that had been ordered from home. On my way
back to the apartment, I stopped to pick up some dinner. While I was waiting,
Astrid called and asked why I was not getting ready for spinning. Shamefully, I
had completely forgotten about it. As my food was already ordered, I had to
abandon spinning tonight. On a plus note, the restaurant had replaced its
cheerful Christmas music with some modern Chinese pop-copy.

I returned to the apartment, watched a
movie with dinner, and retreated to my room. Sat at the computer for a while,
before going to bed around 11 p.m.