Dress rehearsal

Woke at 8 a.m. Morning routine.

Determined to have a good presentation, we
had decided to meet at 10 a.m. to go through the presentation a few more times.
What we had not planned for however, was the fact that we were all fed up and
none of us had the energy to push through a practice run. After sitting around
for a couple of hours, we finally managed to get one run through before lunch.
Needless to say, it was a very poor run and poor effort.

We had lunch and returned to the apartment
to try again. Still, we had issues getting through it. We were tired and
de-motivated. Through sheer persistence, we managed to get through it a couple
of times before simply giving up and calling it a day. It was nearly 3 p.m.
before I returned to my apartment.

To relax myself I started packing. Simply
folding up all my shirts requires patience and time. The bag I have bought to
pack in is too big. I have to make sure I don’t fill it or it will be
ridiculously overweight.

I went out and found some food and sat down
to watch a movie. Despite the horrendous rehearsal today, i was not worried
about tomorrow’s presentation. I felt confident that the girls and I would rise
to the occasion and do what we had to do. And it is not like we don’t know the
subject. In fact, we probably know more about retention issues than many
business leaders judging by the feedback we have received. I tried to mentally
prepare for any difficult questions we may or may not receive tomorrow

Tired as I was, I went to bed around 10
p.m. Not long now.